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噗嗤噗嗤好涨太深了|银行资料架"Feng li, general under yuan shang's command, should be a pioneer, with about 3,000 men." "Said ma tien.The sound of the trumpet was not far away. When lv bu arrived, he saw two horses facing each other in the upper reaches of zhangshui river.Have to say, in the bottom of one's heart, yuan shang heel yuan shao is very similar, when did not attain ambition, still can endure, once attain ambition, some ambition satisfied.

Chapter 68 meannessAfter all, yuan shang was still with cao cao, the previous time was jia xu calculated, if not for cao cao's timely help, was almost wiped out by lu bu's army, yuan shang is really afraid, even if there is a heart of discord, at this time also dare not with cao cao far away.Who says no?噗嗤噗嗤好涨太深了|"General, all slaves, no bodies found." All around the report sound steady spread over, did not find the body of lv bu, is a good thing, but the heart of madai is a little bit of sink, just look around the mess on the ground, they know how terrible the flood, madai is most afraid of, is not alive dead body.

噗嗤噗嗤好涨太深了|Yuan is still gloomy eyes swept in Sui yuan into body, dozens of big JiShi in his front, but can't bring any sense of security, to yuan shang Sui yuan into four division column, although less hebei but also lombardi under one of the few, is still around today yuan will have been sent to, thought of the big picture, who want to but now he was against to the army."Wait a few days, until the early spring CAI MAO still do not retreat, then the storm!" "Sighed gao shunshen.

Unfortunately, how easily can xu sheng be fooled? Only constantly tempted to fly siege, similar to "dare you down", "dare you" such a dialogue, this more than two months, the two sides have interaction don't know how many times, but who also refused to step forward, zhang fei after several setbacks, though still grumpy, but this will be a lot more, that of a foolish foolish face, head of calculating but a thief.'go away! Blink of an eye, three horse has been among the soldiers before near, the day painting ji Yang, no fancy and xu chu hammer to spell a, severe impact an invisible sound waves, surrounded by a lot of foot soldiers directly by the acoustic shock of ears deaf, constantly have blood from your ear effusion, many people are directly by the sound waves to earthquake dead, lyu3 bu4 through force of anti seismic body slightly oblique, avoided the xi ji trigeminal party day, the day painting ji an upside down, ji branchlets hook on the xi's neck, direct him down from his horse, in the shout xu chu, the xi's party day painting ji dragged by lu bu to recover in the direction of the cao cao, The place that lead, but have horse block, lyu3 bu4 wave square day painting halberd, connect a person to take halberd toward all round mad chop, hit of cao jun hold a head rat to flee, instantly, more xi's burly body has been hit not to become a person, the neck is more the life and death is a branchlet to cut off, leave a head only, dense white bone is exposed outside particularly permeate a person!According to the news that came before, lyu3 bu4 only little also want a period of time ability to dozen, this just how long, be informed however the gate has broken, the defense of the gate is false?噗嗤噗嗤好涨太深了|




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