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奥罗黎|步多健能量走毯"I am your grandfather!" Male broad sea looked at He Yi's corpse, said nothing, swung up the stick and smashed toward zhang he.If lyu3 bu4 as kirby can think of bypassing the shadowy mountain, to harass the rear, kirby can's decision is undoubtedly correct, but unfortunately, he too believe in the woman, or lan zhan too underestimate lyu3 bu4, also make kirby can be unconsciously, lyu3 bu4 released by the fog bombs led to the direction of lyu3 bu4 hope."Believe it or not, if I yell, you'll never get over it."

"I want to be quiet." Qui-head opened Langan's arm, gazed at step root's body, eyes red, grabbed the body back to the soldiers, red this eye roared: "Why? Why twenty thousand troops will be defeated so quickly! Step root why will die!""Good advice, that..." Lyu3 bu4 pulled a woman into his arms: "I will wait for your good news.""Khan to personally?" Lyu3 bu4 eyebrows slightly frowned.奥罗黎|Falling in to grant to see d has ordered people to get out of the chong cheng wood, then to attack, a move in the heart, ordered people to recruit zhang he way: "can order the men at the same time put arrows, don't have to deliberately aim at the enemy, all arrows, will be able to make the enemy cause casualties, dare not despise our army."

奥罗黎|Can let ma dai willing, er, to admit that he is inferior to his opponent, that zhang he's strength, I'm afraid has entered lyu3 bu4 under the first echelon of generals, let d gave birth to a thrill of joy, the moment joined ma dai two thousand military forces, eight thousand troops massively killed to mayi at the gates.But Kirby can be different, He admired the Han culture from an early age, and close to the frontier fortress, His men also absorbed many Han Chinese, Throughout the prairie, if we talk about the understanding of the Han people, I 'm afraid there' s nothing like that, At the sight of lyu3 bu4, Although the other side of the body from the bone emitted a fanfare of bullying, But that smell, unlike the savage savagery of the prairie people, Specific where different, Kirby can't say, but at the moment he saw lyu3 bu4, he can almost certainly, the self-proclaimed huns remnants, with their own force in the grasslands set off a lot of bloodshed, more get such a great reputation of temuzhen, is absolutely a han Chinese, the kind of things out of the bones, can't be covered up."Zhongde, you let a person tell cloud long, I am recently for lombardi and headache, this matter, after I beat lombardi, say again not too late." Cao cao sink a track.

"Everyone is xianbei people, kui head incompetent, cause xianbei gradually decline, he is no longer worthy to do khan, warriors, as long as you willing to surrender, we will not hurt our own people!" Kirby Neron track.Corruption, I'm afraid this is a problem that has been difficult to put an end to in all dynasties, including the decree of Lyu3 bu4, But undeniably, Lyu3 bu4 this time to promote high salaries, no doubt, is to open up a new road, with a high salary to enhance the sense of belonging to the subordinates, at the same time, the criminal law to restrain the corruption of officials, and there is a special responsibility for lyu3 bu4, no one restricts the Department of Justice to supervise, can indeed to a great extent, curb corruption."Ah?" Lost ginger blankly looked at jiang xu, salary to rise, this is a good thing, how a worried look, make people nervous.奥罗黎|




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