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e68|欧泉琳美白祛斑组合In the past three surnames slaves, shaking, now has become a national hero, which makes many people some turn around, for this matter, nature is mixed, and even a wise man leapt out, accused lyu3 bu4 slaughter 250,000 lives, make the grassland, against heaven and, he will be damned!That is the han people will have weapons, why will appear in this place, and these people's armor, that kind of fine carving, don't say ordinary soldiers, even as khan kui head also didn't, at the moment unexpectedly poured out so much! This is a han army, why the han army will appear here?Chapter forty-one guandu

Pound smell speech, also can only smile bitterly nodded, although the same responsibility, but as a general, which don't want to gallop on the battlefield."Miss lu, I..." Zhaoyun opened his mouth, want to say what, words to the mouth, but can't say.e68|"Five thousand, isn't it?" Kui-tou looked at lyu3 bu4, frown, he has been ready to let lyu3 bu4 lion big mouth, even thought if lyu3 bu4 mouth is to take away all the military forces of the king's court, how to stop themselves, but lyu3 bu4 only five thousand people.

e68|After gushing out of the Yinfeng Gorge, As the area expands, Momentum gradually slow down, but after all, faster than horses, surging water after a little slow, continue to spread out dozens of miles to gradually disappear, this is also in the grasslands, if it is in the mountains, the flood, absolutely can run more than a hundred miles, even so, devouring kui head and western xianbei more than two hundred thousand military forces is enough."A woman like you wouldn't do such a thoughtless thing, and even the bodyguards around her, including Quebec, wouldn't be able to show up at this time, but...""Almost!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at mayi city, smiled.

This is only three days, beat step to root, so that wang ting once into fear of the five tribal alliances, so lost, not only Ke sin, to jin stop sudden death, but also brought back so many soldiers, this is almost since he ascended to the throne, the biggest victory.Located on the watchtower outside the tribe, bored huns soldiers eyes suddenly shrank, he saw the distant horizon, heaven and earth meet place appeared a black line, in the line of sight constantly wriggling, thickening, watchtower began to tremble."Take these women and sheep and cattle, and go home!" Begging FuGe Yang haughty dry cloud loudly way, this battle, although damaged some soldiers, but the goods are quite abundant, didn't expect the huns, such a short time, plundered so much wealth, now, all cheap them.e68|




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