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vill中国后援会|重庆天宸律师事务所Three people on the grass hut is also a familiar door familiar road, light car familiar road came to grass hut, is to see the guard cottage boys are about to enter, after three years, the former child has grown into a 11 or 12 years old boy.Cao cao's people did not chase after, after the distance, if forced to fight again, it is purely self-defeating, the other side can be cavalry, fight again, can not be as passive as last night.The whole house was immediately this scene to bluff.

The arrival of lv bu let li ping see hope, want to try accordingly, if can revenge nature is best, calculate cannot, the result also won't be worse."Damn it, didn't liu biao agree to form an alliance with his Lord? But nanyang soldiers and horses will appear here! ?" < / p > < p > tiger prison shut, looking at the great jingzhou army outside the pass, xu sheng can not help but angry, at the same time attracted a pro-wei road: "fast, flying horse to luoyang, will be here to inform the intelligence of general gao.However, although gongsundu was annoying, no one really took gongsundu seriously under chang 'an and even the whole lyu3 bu. Zhaoyun was different from that in history. In history, zhaoyun seldom led troops alone since he joined liu bei.vill中国后援会|"The little girl don't want to use her tongue to fight with me for 300 rounds, no, with you, within ten, I can take your life!" Zhang fei will zhang eight snake spear one action, harsh voice shouted.

vill中国后援会|Lu bu sneered and heard cao cao's words. As he was about to return fire, he heard a tiger roar from cao's army. A general galloped out with his horse and came to the front of the two armies. I will avenge my brother!"Lu xun smell language heart move, see xiangyang fu way: "uncle can inform, the central plains, can have a family to participate in it?""No need to be polite." Gao shun nodded his head and glanced at the zhaoyun beside lv lingqi.

Around the conference semifinals have in zhang ye camp for a few days, perhaps say not fluent Chinese, but the name of lu bu, for the conference semifinals, has a great deal of magic, just a name, this let the slave soldiers around the honesty, visiting and looking at the generals of the enemy, don't know what is the relationship with lyu3 bu4 he?Lyu3 bu4 sat down, these days will study every day a shield armour gobbledygook, but more often, is stay here in xiaohong, agriculture ministry, shield armour of a sealed book learning although good, but it is to long to study, and there is also unable to get actual use in a short time, so lyu3 bu4 although also see, but you don't waste too much time on shield armour gobbledygook.Night owl?vill中国后援会|





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