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模仿郑忠胜的木偶|睡迈通催眠器价格Zhang embroidery looked at lyu3 bu4, this moment, lyu3 bu4 has begun to some worship, suppress the excitement of the heart, fuels to lyu3 bu4: "master this poem, call the central plains scholars ashamed to death, I do not know what is the name of this poem?"Yang Wu, with a huge defeat in the battle of Guandu, Lombardi collapsed, Jizhou, Youzhou, Many cities choose to wait and see, No longer obey lombardi, Lombardi is overwhelmed, Cao Cao took the opportunity to cross the Yellow River, occupied the former Yuan Shaotun army Yangwu, Cao cao at the moment some complacent, guandu battle, not only won victory on the battlefield, but also earned enough political capital for himself, bing at the moment in a mess, YangWu barracks, but is filled with joy, cao cao after occupying YangWu, obtained a lot of trench, surrounding counties also sent a lot of hay.Lyu3 bu4 silence for a moment, sink a track: "please khan mourning, step root treat me like a brother, if not for his day don't care about mo postscript tribe, perhaps I temuzhen already died, if khan can trust me, would like to rate military forces, step root revenge!"

"I just got the news, yesterday temuzhen brought people with him cadre fall, annoyed begging fu tribe people, begging fu tribe people's patriarch has sent people with five thousand warriors to bloodbath huns tribe!" Step root anxious way.Can let ma dai willing, er, to admit that he is inferior to his opponent, that zhang he's strength, I'm afraid has entered lyu3 bu4 under the first echelon of generals, let d gave birth to a thrill of joy, the moment joined ma dai two thousand military forces, eight thousand troops massively killed to mayi at the gates.模仿郑忠胜的木偶|

模仿郑忠胜的木偶|Zhang Gu Wenyan said, eyes a move, wry smile way: "General forgive me, the city hay has been moved by two generals, now the city, also only the people have some hay in hand, or XiaGuan help general...""Good idea, d listen to order!" Said Reuben.Yinshan, xianbei king's court, kui head handsome account.

In the air, Suddenly there was a burst of tearing air, the two warriors looked up subconsciously, But see a little cold light, in the line of sight, more and more eye-catching, followed by a cold, two He Gan warriors open hands, trying to YuanMen to close, but unfortunately, the strength of the whole body like the tide, stretched out his hands feebly hold YuanMen, the body is soft down YuanMen soft fall to the ground, never to get up."Hmm?" Chen xing zheng slightly, wake up, then at the moment, on both sides of the wall, suddenly appeared a large number of jun, armed with crossbow arrow, a random shot at Chen xing's forces.模仿郑忠胜的木偶|




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