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首都之窗违章查询东菱集团"Oh?" He Yi and He Man looked at each other in astonishment. Qi Qi handed him his hand and said, "I would like to be sent by the general.""Master, it seems to attack burn when the old camp, just d off, the real purpose, always is us!" Cheng Gongying looked at Li Kan solemnly: "D with how many people?"

Play to the third day, seibel also gradually have a feeling of unbearable, even if the loss of the west cool army, but the defenders also paid a price."Lao wang, is d!" QinWei said mournfully, before it was too late to say again, a broken and empty eagle plume pierced his chest, red blood soaked a large part of his skirt instantly.Of course, the most important issue, don't say now d is just nominal obedience, the linjing city, but almost all are d, is d really wrong, marotta also can't move him.首都之窗违章查询"Rumble ~"

首都之窗违章查询"Sister ~" felt a slight chill in her chest, followed by a pair of hot hands, Joe exclaimed at the red-faced Joe."Zhe Ke." Withdrew the line of sight, look at his cronies, call kitchen spring way: "Can ever find out who these han people are?""No way!" At smell speech can not help but face big change, frown way: "lyu3 bu4 military forces how can play more and more? And forty thousand troops, what combat effectiveness!? In addition, the new city, will not appear unstable?"

"General, our army has no arrows to use now." Lieutenant astringent track.If say this harass hanoi's biggest harvest, for lyu3 bu4, even the three hundred thousand people in hanoi, also not as important as a marotta, the west cool war, although looks like a crisis, but blessings and misfortunes, as lyu3 bu4 said at the beginning, but out, over the world!"Yes, why are the Han people here?"首都之窗违章查询




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