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磷矿石百份百纯中药面膜粉Lyu3 bu4 understaffed, before zhang liao could only part-time west cool secretariat of job now with eyre, henton, zhao cen, WeiKang these do have the ability to join, lyu3 bu4, step by step, will separate military and political power will also limit up step by step, not distrust, but a force if you want to healthy development, and subordinate rights that cannot be too much inflation, military, firmly grasp in their own hands.A group of soldiers hesitated to look around, neither back away, nor forward, huang zhong's eyes a severe, shouted: "all can not be, you also want to be like him general rebellion!""Not a scholar." The steward shook his head: "listen to the people in the house from the words, this person is the royal family, the emperor's uncle, and the Lord is an equal."

Princes under the rule of the family is not fool, money which do not earn the truth? What's more, the outflow from lv bu's side is a tight sale in the central plains. Even though cao cao, liu biao and sun quan all attach great importance to the zhen family, they can't resist it even if they know it is at lv bu's instigate."Lu bu obviously knew his own weakness, and knew that he would be at a disadvantage if he wanted to compete with his Lord for the support of his family. Therefore, from the very beginning, he did not want to rely on his family." Guo jia finger hit the table: "stir up the contradiction between the family and the people, and then to establish credibility with the law, with lu bu said, is the credibility of the government."Jia xu looked at lu bu with a smile and said, "my minister just reminded my Lord that if the zhangshui river burst its Banks, there would be a disaster."磷矿石Chapter 38 jingxiang fengyun (I)

磷矿石Although the words said modest, but no matter lu bu or zhang liao, do not think in the gao gan, guo yuan yuan died in the main force of the merger of zhou did not, no danger can be defended under the circumstances, there is ability to block the footsteps of gao shun.With the command of CAI MAO, but see the flag waving, the sound of the horn in the empty sky and earth straight through the sky, black armor converges into a black torrent toward the enemy camp surging away, the cold arrows converges into the rain of arrows in the sky carrying the cold aircraft towards the enemy camp enveloped and down.Who knows lv bu will be wrong, for baocheng soldiers can quickly retreat, even led the army attack pool, if in weekdays down worth mentioning, with lv bu's ability, not ye city care, he wanted to go no one stopped, but ruthless, tianwei, an know whether lv bu can safely escape this disaster.

"Kakkakaka ~""Oh?" Zheng xuan's eyes lit up and looked at lv bu, saying, "the poem is magnificent and vigorous. If we talk about the imposing manner in contemporary times, there is no one on the right. Lao fu also wants to see the champion hou caixue."Lyu3 bu4 advocates the hundred schools of thought contend, why want to advocate, because these things, is the lack of this age, regardless of culture or doctrine, only in the competition to achieve sublimation, although the author status now respect, but is still in exploring stage, has not fully formed later generations the complacent, internal friction circle son, as a Chinese descendants, lyu3 bu4 bones to the Chinese tradition things naturally have their own feelings, but not just because of family relationship, if such dominance, the author almost predictably, future decay is inevitable, any one foreign academic deduction even to all walks of life, Once lost sense of crisis, will develop to this aspect, only competition, have a sense of crisis, to develop in a positive direction.磷矿石




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