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战术家萨赫特仁大氨糖"I have a plan, quickly prepare." Zhou yu shook his head emphatically."Secondly, the Lord has enough prestige and credit, sweep yong cool, horse step huns, seal Wolf guxu, force yuan shao, plus reward and punishment clear, meritorious work will be rewarded, have had to punish, even the Lord himself and his family must go according to law, and these things, liu zhang?"Zhang fei! ?" < / p > < p > zhou an pointed the sword to zhang fei, a cold look, for the liu bei under the leadership of the first two of the fierce, jiangdong soldiers naturally heard, only today to see, can feel the other side came from the violent sense of oppression.

"Secret weapon? A crossbow?" Lu bu pointed at his finger and bounced off the wooden spear that lu zheng had pricked. It seems that zhuge liang had also made a crossbow and was very famous, but he didn't know how powerful it was.Face to face, xunyou a bitter face, look at cao cao said: "Lord, the army medicine has not been able to keep up, many wounded soldiers have no way to treat.If gao shun could be defeated, cao cao thought it would be worth it, but in fact, gao shun's loss was only a little more than 2,000, with a loss ratio of 10 times. If calculated according to this ratio, lu bu would only need to spend 30,000 yuan to exhaust his 300,000 troops.战术家萨赫特"No." Liu bei shook his head and took out one of the books under the ribbon and looked at cao cao and said, "this is the general who sent someone to jingzhou after paying for the ribbon at the risk of death. It is an order issued by your majesty a year ago.

战术家萨赫特"No wine in the army! Wei yan jujube's general face has begun to appear black, staring at pang tong's hand, but he remembered just that silk crystal is using this hand, a face determined: "but the Lord ordered us to seek shu zhong, we are here all day long idle and zhang ren confrontation, not to shame the Lord trust.Chapter 69 crimes of intentSeeing that the matter of wang Yin had come to an end, sun jing looked at the crowd with a smile and said, "as the saying goes, the snake does not walk without its head, and the bird does not fly without its head.

"Brother ziyu! Several famous onlookers quickly stepped forward and helped wang up. One of them, an old man, glared at meng da and said, "meng da, even if you are not a king, you once had a battle with your Lord, Lord, king and minister. ?""Then what do you want?" "Said zhang songshen."Well!"战术家萨赫特




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