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办公室小妖精真紧高H文|韩国黑乐黑Also insomniacs, And Rajan, And the battle report and the battle result that Ule brought back, Contrary to her expectations, Although Ule said, Temujin doesn't know who the top spies are, But Rajan was sure, The man who had taken possession of himself in a tough way, I'm sure you do, Otherwise he would have been a Kirbner's knife ghost by now, and not the hero who solved the crisis in Wang Ting, More importantly, Kirby was able to do this because of one of his own faulty messages, Loss, even lost the ability to capture the king's court directly, five tribes have gone to its second, xianbei king's court prestige in the mingjiao temuzhen man's strong counterattack to re-establish, and so on, I'm afraid the king's court and even the whole xianbei, will eventually become temuzhen private property."Naturally, after proving my worth." Lyu3 bu4 sneer at a way: "You two people these two days with the huns to the west, If you meet a big tribe, Just think of a way to provoke them, remember, can't choose xianbei king court under the tribe, the west is mostly already out of xianbei king court xianbei people, just for us, at the same time also more damage to some of the huns, when the kui head thought we potential poor force solitary, is when we naturally, formally joined the xianbei king's court. "Although still unclear, But in the dark, As they perceive, He in lyu3 bu4 strategy, twist a head to look at has been a mess of camp, two people reached a consensus at the same time, no matter why lyu3 bu4 give up this opportunity, but now it is not important, since lyu3 bu4 let them play, can only pick up the troops of kirby can first, as for the next thing, two people can also guess.

Early the morning of the fourth day of the army's departure, Is playing endure strength lyu3 bu4 in the courtyard, suddenly heart induction, looked up at the sky, but see the whole huns king's court, belongs to the king's air is rolling, hidden, it seems that there is a desperate roar, a sense of depression from the air pressure down, seems to want to lyu3 bu4 the outsider to be excluded."Whoosh! Whoosh!""These are..." Step root eyes suddenly a clot, those suddenly in trouble, is clearly the herdsmen of the tribe, why these people want to attack us.办公室小妖精真紧高H文|"Adult don't know, I and Cui E private meeting, had heard Cui E mentioned, the satrap house, there is a secret road, can go straight to the outside of the city..."

办公室小妖精真紧高H文|And when lyu3 bu4 territory in the future, these decrees will also over time and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, even when the time comes to join lyu3 bu4 group family want to resist also can't resist."Monseigneur Temujin does not seem strange?" Blue eyes finally in lyu3 bu4 open eyes, some can not bear, the first to open the way."Roar ~"

"Little slave doesn't know." Some flustered looked at lyu3 bu4, maid bowed her head, dare not look at lyu3 bu4 again.This is not xu togeher, on the contrary, xu togeher is very clear about the meaning of the war to lombardi, when he left once told thousands of ding, what can be touched, but rations is taboo, never allow loss, touch is dead.办公室小妖精真紧高H文|





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