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立鲁足球|欧麦诗数字闪电定点瘦Zhang fei since zhuge liang got the charm, then gathered five thousand chosen men, transfer craftsmen overnight will fold rattan shield together, made one thousand thickened version of rattan shield, the next morning, then with military forces, until wei camp outside provocation."But I'm not the only one in town." Xie Yun frowned.In the city of Qua, Heqi saw Tardif come on his own and asked, "Ziyi, but the Lord sent reinforcements?"

"Mean man, die!" Formosa ke injured, not surprised to anger, growl, also regardless of the wound between the chest and abdomen because of anger upwelling and faster out, a wave of briers and thorns, according to wei head mercilessly smashed down, that posture, really want to hit solid, I'm afraid wei even people with horses have to be smashed into meat mud.Many tired soldiers regardless of the stench, a buttocks sitting on the ground, gasping for breath, across the wall, full of corpses radiate spread to the distance, farther away, is guan yu's camp.A crossbow arrow frame open, the other two crossbow arrow is directly in the sand mo ke startled eyes shot into his chest and abdomen, incredible stare round eyes at wei yan.立鲁足球|Ma silently listened, set off a storm in the heart, hard to imagine, a young man in his early teens, unexpectedly have such a rich experience, more difficult to imagine, lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly willing to throw his son to the battlefield.

立鲁足球|"Don't you get it?" Lv Zheng looked at Ma Su: "Know yourself and your enemy, 100 battles will not be lost, my father set up the information system, all over the world, since this Shu is already the land of my Lv family, that happened here, it is difficult to hide from my ears and eyes, do not know what your opponent has the ability, dare to act rashly, this defeat!"The huge blade whirled in the air, Throw out across a dozen zhangs away, along the way, a few dodging jiangdong soldiers light light head landing, some is directly cut in half, ma zhong see ghosts, subconsciously turned to run, just where to come from, green dragon crescent moon knife directly from his head, split his head in half.War is rhythm, once his rhythm is led by the other party, that is not far from the defeat, guan yu south conquest north war for so many years, theory of military strategy, also can be counted as the world's famous, or the top batch, he is going to take jiangdong, rather than a Yinling county seat.

"You..." Xie Yun heart a sink, looked at Wang Shuang's eyes gradually poor up: "general forgive me, this military order, please forgive me at the end of the difficult to obey, someone, take it down!"The Chengdu affair fell to the ground with the heads of the main members of a large family, Property confiscation came to an end, but the action of lu zheng did not stop, coinciding with this year shu people were milan disaster miserable, and even many places there are victims, these confiscated property was lu zheng quickly down, pacify the people, and the land will be confiscated according to the guanzhong tax to the people to plant.An arrow cluster directly pierced Yan Yan's shoulder, and the blood kept seeping outward. Yan Yan, in pain, grinned and groaned. He wielded his sword and cut the cluster off. He twisted his head and said, "Let's go first... Er..."立鲁足球|




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