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新版笑傲江湖剧情介绍|韩国黑乐黑This was tantamount to a disguised rejection of emperor xian, so that cao cao can continue to take the son of heaven and the princes."Knot! < / p > < p > the death of the tiger guard did not let the head have any emotional fluctuations, but after a cool angry drink, eyes are flashing an unspeakable desire, that is to fight, the desire for blood."The last general is willing to follow your instructions and welcome the champion to shu!" Zhuoyang quickly knelt down first, followed by several generals followed zhuoyang knelt down.

When normal troops were attacked by the enemy, they would inevitably lose their heads or lose their morale. But in the eyes of these barbarians, there was no such emotion at all.Chapter 90 deterrence"I ask myself why I have been unkind to you." Liu zhang gloomy look at meng da, has been, to his dog in front of the image of meng da, today's performance let liu zhang some difficult to accept, when a pair of crafty syminess meng da, there is such a leisurely bearing? The same monda you know?新版笑傲江湖剧情介绍|"Presumptuous! Liu zhang finally can not bear the chest of anger, rise up, halberd refers to meng da way.

新版笑傲江湖剧情介绍|When they were talking to each other, deng xian hurried to pang tong and wei yan and held his fist and said, "Mr. Shi yuan, the great event is not good"Night huang wei? Chen frowns, this is a never heard of the army.

In opposite him, lv meng with tracing the cause boarded a ship floating down, looking at Chen to the side, some said with a sigh, to be fair, to Chen to the halfway decent, can play with him on the water to this degree, is precious, it is also the cause of lv meng finally didn't let Chen to go ashore, even if the other party is now only a few hundred people, if the land warfare, the bucket of trapped beast, still can give yourself a huge casualties."In." Meng da waved, let the small school leave, turned to liu zhang a bow."Tell the battalions not to resist. They'll be all right." Meng da indifferent way.新版笑傲江湖剧情介绍|




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