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梁君诺整容|TST维多利雅效果To date, Lyu3 bu4 have taken refuge in the elite, but no one can be arranged into the Attorney General, that is to say, lyu3 bu4 although with them, but at the same time to these elite wariness has not been reduced, the Attorney General, is lyu3 bu4 hands to curb these elite and future generations of development of a sword."I remember, when I left, I asked Ule to remind the king that there was something going on in Chin Lien-chuan." Lyu3 bu4 looked to kui head.Frowned, lyu3 bu4 asked: "how much hay in the city, zhang he and gao gan hay is from where to distribute?"

"Not surprisingly." Lyu3 bu4 sneer at a way: "All the way, scheming, haven't you seen enough?"But after all, In this day and age, Whatever the family, But the talent from the family has a lot to do with their abilities, indeed, it is better than that selected by the people, They have an innate intellectual advantage and atmosphere, Lyu3 bu4, on the one hand, to break the circle of family monopoly knowledge, to the poor scholar ordinary people a rising channel, at the same time for the family talent, also can't completely shut the door, just before lyu3 bu4 reputation is too bad, even if lyu3 bu4 opened the door, no real family talent willing to lyu3 bu4.梁君诺整容|"Wait, hang after them for a while, and then go back to the tribe to see Stephen." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the chaos of the crowd gradually began to scatter in several directions, Corner of his mouth flashed a cruel smile, begging for the fu tribe is the western xianbei big tribe, begging for the fu tribe a death, its originally belong to begging for the fu tribe of those small and medium tribes will certainly disorderly for a while, and then is annexed by several other big tribes, also calculate indirectly weaken the western xianbei war potential.

梁君诺整容|"Plan?" Lyu3 bu4 face just reveal a confused look, bitter shook his head."Huh?" Sentence suddenly blankly looked at lyu3 bu4, don't understand what this has to do with what he said."Ha ha ha ha ~" Step root suddenly looked up to the sky long smile, has been too long, inherited from his brother khan, has been too long without the respectful salute of these big tribal generals, at the moment looked at begging fu goyang finally soft, step root waved and said: "Well, today's things, I will not pursue, you go."

From murong gui and TaBaJi powder, and then to a series of battles, happened in a very short time, QinBing coby can bring didn't react, don't know why don't deal with the temuzhen, their three heads leading infighting, until coby can head to the ground, his QinBing just react."Master, just counted, the warehouse contains wheat 30,000 stone, dried meat 3000 jin, in addition to a lot of weapons armor. Zhou Cang excitedly found lyu3 bu4, a face of excitement said: "this time we catch a big fish, these hay, enough for our army for half a year.""Enough!" Xu togeher stared at cao cao fiercely and said, "don't keep it from me. You've run out of hay in your army." Said will rob from cao cao there documents handed to cao cao.梁君诺整容|




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