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欢乐合唱团第一季|奥雅无瑕亮采组"People will die." Pound looked at everyone, suppressing the helplessness and resentment in his chest: "There are lighter than feather, there are heavier than Mount Tai, we can retreat, but you know, if we retreat, what does it mean?"Across the vast night, Mei county in the shadow of the night, can only see a rough outline, faint flames, in the thick of the night is invisible, red hare seems to anticipate the coming battle, excitedly shaving the front hoofs, nose constantly blowing white gas."Master..." Marotta clearly feel, lyu3 bu4 for the marriage is not too enthusiastic, hesitated for a moment, or asked: "I don't know master but have doubts? If master become the royal xu, the world insightful people will inevitably piled up, master hegemony can be expected."

"Elder Yang doesn't have to be polite." Lyu3 bu4 stepped forward, stretched out his hand to help Yang Wang, smiled and said, "I heard the article and mentioned it a long time ago. The patriarch Yang is a rare hero among the Qiang people. Whitewater Qiang has the potential to become what he is today, thanks to the power of the patriarch alone.""Master mighty!" Rear, after a moment of silence, Hande suddenly roared.A small school face expressionless looking at the huns struggling out of the fire, behind him, five hundred already bow and arrow soldiers will bow string to complete.欢乐合唱团第一季|Giffin heart is slightly surprised, but looked at lyu3 bu4 disapproving look, but on the surface is quietly way: "but I don't know who the tetrarch to hit? Let who?"

欢乐合唱团第一季|"Moon lake, I want to prepare a gift for the huns, but before that, first to the moon lake will be around the terrain to clear up." Lyu3 bu4 mouth spread a cold smile, hit and run, there is no such cheap thing in the world, since the huns, then completely disappear.After more than an hour 's detour, Just arrived at his destination, A fortress, or village, sits among the mountains, Style unique wood seems to surround, countless qiang people are not afraid of life, there is no central plains strict level, most curious to lyu3 bu4 line, many people greet the woman, although with a mask, can't see what expression the woman is at the moment, but lyu3 bu4 can clearly feel, at present the woman in the qiang people, have a high prestige.Lyu3 bu4 went straight to the center of the city, Knight behind a team of ten people, murderous pounced on those who should have patrolled the night but don't know where to hide in the corner to touch the fish of the west cool army, shout ShaSheng and weapons collision finally woke up the sleeping city, but unfortunately, from the moment lyu3 bu4 into the city, for the guarding city of the west cool army, it is too late.

Lu Bu looked at Xu Rong and said, "Jincheng is the lair of Han Sui. Yuan Bi, I will give you 5,000 troops to guard Jincheng. After I leave, I will recapture all the other counties. It is possible to do so.""No refund!" Shook his head, Marotta wry smile way: "As soon as we give up Po, Korea hence can go straight in, Not to mention jingjing, ji county, jincheng, west gansu, Korea hence operating for many years, once Korea hence appeared, will inevitably cause unrest in the city, master very hard to create the situation now, Korea hence trapped in wuwei, once we withdraw, these will be destroyed, Korea hence will also get out of trouble, take the initiative again, the chaos of the west cool, I don't know when to calm down. "欢乐合唱团第一季|





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