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赵氏孤儿案全集|民俗用品With the withdrawal of liu bao, more and more huns choose to break through."Mr. Gong tai, you... "Lv lingqi looked puzzled Chen gong.The squeal of the crying sound into a fight, and giffin indifferent matchless watching it all, watching the Wolf qiang of the huns forced by together, gradually, in turn, began to kill the Wolf qiang, the role of the people, after all, not by a wave after break up, difficult to gather again, after regain its footing, began hunting Wolf qiang step by step.

"Don't think that gao shun unexpectedly so fierce!" Zhang he looked at the opposite as the rock general block in the ferry of the captured camp, can not help but think of the former that white horse from the army of righteousness, silently sigh in the heart, if ju yi is still in, first ascended when not inferior to this army.The new day does not have too many changes, after yesterday's lively, people still stay in their homes, this year's winter is not easy, even if the rich people in addition to more than bed broths, multiple stoves, most of the means against the cold is relatively backward, also make such a year, there will be a lot of people frozen to death.This Wolf qiang is also deserved, even lv bu side have been sent out of the news of the huns, Wolf qiang was unprepared to be killed by the huns.赵氏孤儿案全集|After so big school field, it is residential area, not big place, the house that the house that sergeant lives and craftsman people is rampart however, jia xu sees much knowledge, see this small army village is decorated unexpectedly according to nine palace eight trigrams position, make a fuss about between spite, secret sentinel also quite.

赵氏孤儿案全集|"Gong da, willing to gamble concede defeat, today I move to your side live how?" Guo jia looked at xun you with a smile.Hesitating for a moment, looking at lv bu's look, han DE said quietly, "Lord, we have prepared for three days here.Index finger, some frivolous hook is bright and clean chin, let her a cicada's head to myself: "now that is a family, no one in the weekdays, lady don't have to be such a formality, for no reason identify a lot of.""Yes ~" is liu yun's bookish attribute of the same type as CAI yan's. However, she could not agree with lv bu's words. However, in these matters, she still should focus on her husband's family.

However, it is difficult for one's mind to affect the overall situation. However, shi means that a certain idea in most people's minds can be resonated and there is a consensus on this idea, which is called shi.Went forth blood, diffuse flesh become some rare under sun quartermaster, sudden attack, let the huns in an instant into a dilemma between Scylla and Charybdis, qiang wang saw Wolf come reinforcements, although I do not know why these han will appear here, but excited, Wolf qiang soldiers morale to flame, also killing big many.Lv bu did not care about it, but he took the sword from Chen gong and said with a smile, "it took a lot of effort to bring this sword into the world."赵氏孤儿案全集|




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