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于成龙电视剧全集|13137109668"Okay, go get it." Lyu3 bu4 nod, the eagle this kind of thing, he before also only saw in the zoo.Before dawn, the sound of galloping hooves broke the tranquility of changan city. For the people living in changan, they turned to sleep again after making sure that the sound of hoofs was not a threat. However, the senior management of the whole changan city was completely awakened by the sound of hoofs."Samba? Lv bu nodded and said, "it doesn't matter what your status was before. As long as you can train me a qualified eagle, you can enter the reserve team of my hussar camp and train the eagle specially for my hussar camp. Of course, if you let me know that you dare to cheat me, I will make you regret that your mother gave you life."

At the moment of seeing the rhubarb crossbow, han meng did not have any idea, le turned his horse head, also no longer ignore his soldiers, directly relying on the force of the BMW, over the horse according to the pile, toward the opposite direction to leave."Order hamul-er to be the pioneer and attack directly first!" Liu bao is also quite determined, this time, is the time difference, as long as their first step to break the first zero, lu bu management of the siege of the potential will be broken, huns can also shrink the defense, easy to deal with, and the first zero six thousand string control people, join lu bu, the momentum and force of lu bu must be strong.Thousands of tu the warriors, see the enemy unexpectedly fight dismounted, more excited, from a distance, is a wave wheel riding and shooting, cold JianCu together into a cluster of arrows rain in the air shut down toward a title of generals in ancient times the camp, rattled only heard a burst of disorderly, JianCu shot on the armor of a warrior, more than half the armor bounce off, even able to break through the first layer of defense, also cannot penetrate.于成龙电视剧全集|"Yes." With a wry smile, the man nodded and said, "before the huns withdrew, they asked for help because they were killed by general lu in the rear."

于成龙电视剧全集|< / p > < p > guan hai saw the powerful fierce, dare not hard to connect, one side of the body, the hand of the mountain knife everything, with a clever force will be the mace shake open, his arms are a burst of numbness, secretly marveled at the power of the xiongnu savage.A hard touch, it seems not the same, but guan hai knew that he had made the clever force, in the strength, is a lost one, what's more, nahamu er one stick swing, followed by a stick swing down, did not stop, while guan hai is his arms numb, temporarily unable to resist, can only rely on the horse power to avoid.Only destroy, cannot occupy, lv bu's army and horses add up to no more than 8,000, the division of troops everywhere, will only make lv bu's whole force become weak."Get up first." Liu bao frowns way: "Wolf qiang?"

It sounds as if nothing is used, but lv bu is now one of the world's seven male, male station two state land, the things on these etiquette must pay attention to, otherwise spread out, if the number of etiquette appeared problems, always give a person a kind of not on the feeling of the table.Guo jia leans on brocade cushion above, narrow an eye slightly to smile a way: "lv bu is now graininess grass, perhaps also difficult maintain 100 thousand army?"Chen gong, however, was calculating the cost of the workshop and said with a wry smile, "but the workshop was built with enough materials to equip 100 elite soldiers."于成龙电视剧全集|




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