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李奉三简历|英国欧汇腰椎挺Deng xian and ling bao also came forward and knelt down with zhang ren."Son of a bitch, how dare you!" Zhang ren shouted angrily."Dock the ship and welcome the commander's body back to camp!" Lv meng stood up, took a deep breath and looked at the crowd. "send someone to jianye and report it to the Lord."

Camp, occasionally can hear a sound of pain moan, two brothers from the beginning of the chaos of the yellow turban war, more than 20 years time, for these injuries and suffering and powerless moan, the initial pity to now only left a numbness, but in this case, the mood is still in the continuation."General liu, take back what you just said. General Ben may as well not have heard anything." Zhang ren did not answer, but only looked at liu, sinking slowly"Sir, take a seat." Tacit understanding reached, the following atmosphere, naturally into a friendly atmosphere.李奉三简历|Pang tong to originally, is want to see liu DHS possible, after all, as a key point of this plan, if you can persuade him to revolt, good nature, but now, liu DHS although a fortune by the guanzhong seaman, but will clearly lyu3 bu4 silly as a lot of money of that kind of, in this case, the army will not be able to let liu DHS to tube, liu DHS is the most important role, is stirring the hatred, doubling the vendor zhang ren the die-hard pie. This, he did well, now that don't want to

李奉三简历|"Well." Two qiao hurriedly bow a salute, clever of retreat.As the two sides continue to shrink, even the power of the crossbow is also more and more large, to two hundred steps, many generals teng shield began to be shot through, casualties began to appear, let yan yan frowned, shouted: "shield, charge!"My husband should put state first. How dare I look strange? My husband, please take a rest. I will retire first." The pretty woman shook her head with a smile.

"The last officer will be appointed." Deng xianwen, no longer persuade, anyway this left eighty thousand troops already ready, ready to go.Soon, pang tong, under the leadership of a military marquis, entered the big account. At this moment, almost all the generals from langzhong university had arrived. Hundreds of people focused on pang tong and then moved away."Wait, he can't go! I've been waiting... < / p > < p > people see liu zhang was so taken away, and did not care about their meaning, how this line, a scholar with ding want to stop liu zhang frame.李奉三简历|





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